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Silicone Nipple Shell
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Silicone Nipple Shell

MOQ:1000 pairs

Product Name: Silicone Nipple Shield
Quantity:1 pair=2pcs
Packing:pvc box
Temperature resistance:-40 ° C ~ 250 ° C
Type:nipple protectors
Shape: Round | Semicircle | Triangle
Package Size:10.5*6*5cm/4.13"*2.36"*1.97"
Made of quality soft and food grade silicone, safe to use
Protect sensitive nipples during breastfeeding can be used when breast feeding or pumpin
Soft cushions Protect sore nipples and chafing.Gentle pressure on areola relieves engorgement. perfect for poor latch, flat/inverted & sore cracked nipples
Ventilation holes create air circulation
More flattering appearance under clothes than other shells
Washable or sterilized by boiling.Comfort breast shells should not be worn for more than 40 minutes at a time


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